Connecting to community

Grace Church is committed to reaching and practically helping our Port Macquarie community and beyond. Grace Church is committed to working with the local community to enhance the welfare of the people where we can. 

Connecting in our Port Macquarie community

To find lost people

and build grace empowered communities

Westport School Breakfast

In partnership with Westport Public School we support their initiative to feed  children a light breakfast each week.  In just a short time the school has seen a benefit of improved class room behaviour and attentiveness.  Our helpers enjoy serving and encouraging the children as they receive their vegemite and toast with a smile.

City Serve

In 2018 we launched City Serve in Port Macquarie: a unique initiative between community organisations, council and business to benefit community. Maintenance and repairing school halls and community centres, surf clubs and public facilities. In 2018 we had 127 volunteers from 10 churches give one of our local schools a makeover. In 2019 with the assistance of Bunnings we created reimagined spaces for two local schools. What can we do together next? If you have suggestions or want to be a part of our City Serve 2020 endeavour, get in touch.

It's In The Bag.png

It’s In The Bag

Grace Church Port Macquarie and Sister’s Keeper has taken up the cause of endangered women in our community, giving heart and resources to the “It’s in The Bag” Christmas Appeal (an initiative of Share the Dignity). Together in 2018 we were able to donate over 20 bags to the appeal that brings dignity to local women in need due to domestic violence or homelessness.  Let’s do it again in 2019.

Days for Girls @Grace Church

Days For Girls International

Days for Girls is a non-profit organisation in 70 nations on 6 continents creating a dignified, humane, equitable world for girls through advocacy, reproductive health awareness, education and sustainable feminine hygiene kits. Funded by Sister’s Keeper and Grace Church, we have a small team of ladies cutting and sewing components for these kits. Volunteers are welcome. Sewing skills not required. We meet at Grace Church - the second Friday of every month at noon.

Christmas Hampers @ Grace Church

Christmas Hampers

Grace Church recognises there is need in our Port Macquarie Community and sometimes at Christmas, there can be such a gap between those who have and those who need. In the weeks before Christmas, in conjunction with our local Port Macquarie schools, we come together as a church to lend a hand to families, providing Christmas Hampers to a number of families to help them make Christmas special.

Forgotten Saints 1.jpg

Forgotten Saints

We believe the elderly should not be forgotten. This ministry caters to our beloved elderly in nursing homes: encouraging their existing spiritual life and exploring faith in Jesus. We aim to connect with music, dance, scripture reading, prayer and an inspirational message.  After the service we connect over a cuppa, giving residents a chance to share their thoughts and form relationships. Contact Trevor Ford 0400 385 006